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Statement of Direction–Oracle Database on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2



Oracle Application Express 5.0–statement of direction


Oracle Application Express 5.0 will focus on enhancements to existing functionality and is planned to incorporate the following:

  • Modal Dialog – Provide the ability to declaratively define modal dialogs.
  • Drag and Drop Layout Editor – Reintroduce the drag and drop layout editor which is compatible with laying out items within a grid layout.
  • HTML5 Capabilities – Improve native capabilities for handling HTML5 constructs.
  • PDF Printing – Improve the printing capabilities utilizing the APEX Listener FOP Support
  • Web Services Support – In combination with the APEX Listener further extend the Web Services integration capabilities.
  • Tablet User Interface – Enhanced themes and templates to enable developers to declarative create applications and/or pages for tablet devices.
  • Packaged Applications – Improved framework and enhancements to the packaged applications.
  • New Multi-Row Edit Region Type – Define a new region type with a modern UI for updating multiple rows of data and allow multiple regions on one page.
  • Master / Detail / Detail – Provide a wizard interface to define declarative master/detail/detail regions.
  • Multiple Interactive Reports – Allow any number of Interactive Reports to be defined on a single page.
  • Application Builder Security – Allow different authentication schemes to be used to control developer access to the Application Builder.
  • Numerous functional improvements.


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Oracle Application Express Statement of Direction–SOD

Oracle confirmed that Apex support will be extended for 5 years from the date of product release. Please read the document,

“Oracle Application Express has a large and active installed base, with over 250,000 developers creating thousands of applications.  Oracle recognizes the considerable investment in Oracle Application Express and remains committed to the long-term support of this product.”


My suggestion is use Oracle XE with Apex to start with.