Personal Feedback for C.Senthil Murugan–celebrating 20 years

Dear Friends,

Good evening to all, In 15-Nov-1997, I have joined as Computer Programmer with Freight Systems LLC, Dubai.

Mr.C.Mani and Mr.Srinivasan came to Dubai airport and waited for long time to pick me up, as it is my first overseas trip, still i can remember the day. That time, there is no mobile phone. First project taken as Warehouse Management in Forms 4.5 with Oracle 8 (not 8i). Mr.Balaji was the in-charge who has given business requirement in Jebel Ali and Mr.Cyrus was the first user for my system. Mr.David has awarded one month salary as a bonus within 3 months of joining with FSL.

Mr.Mani has changed my life into IT environment in freight forwarding and shipping industry. Without his support and help, i could not be reach in this level.

Hope i have tried my best to provide the IT solutions and support in this freight forwarding industry.

If you feel that i have added some value to your life, please provide your valuable feedback and share your knowledge/experience with me. Hope, I have tried my best to implement your old suggestions and feedback, if not, please repeat the same.

Thanks for your time shared with me.

2 thoughts on “Personal Feedback for C.Senthil Murugan–celebrating 20 years”

  1. Yes Mr. Senthil

    You are absolutely right, its not possible to climb up without anybody’s help and support,
    infact AVS, C.Mani and Srinivasa Ananthnarayan has played very vital role in my career development (life) which i cannot forget through out my life , When i landed first time in Dubai like you that was my first overseas assignment and starting from there today i have reached here.

    I am thankful to you for providing me guidance, technical support during my tenure with FSL .

    Let me tell you something about Cyrus, he was living in same area in Mumbai where i am living now and he helped me lot on all aspect ,which i cannot forget.

    Senthil Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts and views

  2. Hello Senthil,

    You have a awesome progress from being a techie to successful entrepreneur! There is a huge difference in being successful individual and a successful entrepreneur. The former focuses elevating himself to the new peek while the later creates opportunity and empowers others to grow alongside. The individual’s vision shifts from building self to building a community. If you and Mani had focused building yourself to be a successful employee, 100s of individuals like me wouldn’t have even know what a corporate career look like. Even after I left you both 13 years before and working/worked for some of the corporate giants, I still quote what I accomplished under your/Mani’s leadership as I haven’t come across a better one outside. I pick and develop a skill anything that I’m impressed with some one, “speed and teaming” is what I developed from Cyrus. Great companion, I don’t find answers whenever I think of him and ask “why did he leave us early?” Never saw him hurting someone but a helping hand always. Lived a short but impactful life.

    I have a cherishing memories of my short but adventurous journey with you and Mani right from landing in Mumbai with knowing just “Hindi nahi maalum (asked fellow train passenger how to tell the mumbaiker that I don’t know Hindi if he speaks to me in Hindi)”, giving a surprise of knocking the guest house door, handling Y2K challenge, deployment automation, etc.

    You both stand like a light house and guided/guiding many individuals like me. Wish you success in every endeavor you attempt!!

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