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தினம் ஒரு கேள்வி?


தவறு செய்கிறவர்களை தண்டிக்க அரசு. தமிழக அரசே சாராயம் விற்கும் கேவலத்தை யார் தண்டிப்பது? தமிழனின் நாகரீகம் குறைந்ததிற்க்கு முதல் காரணம் இதுவா?


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  1. N.Siva says:

    We know that Drinks were avilable very long years before. So, nothing new now and it is better this sale is managed by Govt, otherwise in black market, it will be avilable with may be very bad quality. Since, Govt is selling the profit is goest to Govt and atleast some moeny from that will come to poort and other projects for the people. As a human , we should know that what is good and what is bad . People need to improve or realise, we cant put rules to control everything. People should realise and avoid those things, so automatically it will disappear from market. So, pls pray to God that people should be more productive and not to waste money on this items. Because everyone busy with making money and taking care them selves, so who will guide and who will tell good things to poor people.

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