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தினம் ஒரு கேள்வி


வணக்கம், அனைத்து சாமிகளும் நல்லது செய்யும்போது திருப்பதி சாமிக்கு அதிக வருமானமும் கருப்பண்ண சாமிக்கு குறைந்த வருமானமும் ஏன்?



  1. N.Siva says:

    We talk about income and expence only this material world. Thirupathi sami and Karrupanna sami don’t take the money. Money goes to account which was managed by Goverment persons not by Kuberar (who is representaive of God). Those gods takes only our prayer and wishes and try to fulfil them. Once you have 100% faith on God you no need to goto any temple . wherever you find peaceful place there offer your prayer , it will go directly to God. We are going to temple again and again because we need to improve ourselves to believe God . Earlier days those Munivars and Ratchaz are doing the Davam mostly in forests where no disturbances and they achieve the blessings of God. I am not telling that you dont go to temple, We are family man and we cant goto forest to see God. You know, God is very simple form and not complicate form. He like to meet you anywhere.

    • N.Siva says:

      Also, the reason for more income in Tirupathi is that Laxmi is there in the Ground Tirupathi and her blessings to Tirupathi sami to get more income from people of this earth for repaying his marriage debt to Kubarer. I think, Karuppanna sami don’t have any debt so he don’t get more income and he need only our prayer and our requests.

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