Chrome OS download

New OS introduced for demo/testing purpose, it is really interesting. Downloaded & tested on Virtual box.

We need to login using gmail account user name & password to login to OS. Most of the options, Google is trying to provide in browser itself. I think, we may have more number of services in the system, to achieve our day to day work. This will be good for younger generation.

DBA Scripts & 11g Features

Interesting, most of the DBA scripts are available in single place, very useful one.

New features are in one place like Virtual Column, assigning next value of sequence in assignment statement instead of select..dual, scheduling job in another server from oracle server, having more than one same type of trigger with follows option. Check the above URL for more information.

Prior to 11g, it was only possible to create triggers in the enabled state, then subsequently disable them. Now they can be explicitly enabled or disabled at creation time, with the enabled state as the default.